The choir Hashira is always ready to receive new members.


Singing, as one of the noblest musical disciplines, brings a fantastic feeling of permeation with art. When you place this sublime talent in the context of choral singing in which each singer subordinates his voice, his whole being, to the common aspiration towards perfect harmony, we create a noble sound that never leaves anyone indifferent.

  Why should I become a singer of the choir Hashira?

Really, why should you become a singer of the choir Hashira? First of all, choral singing is an extremely healthy way to spend free time. Intense, controlled breathing during singing improves general health. Concentration on melodies and lyrics acts as an extraordinary mental relaxation. Singing with others strengthens the feeling of self-confidence and belonging. And why the choir Hashira? Because this choir, nurturing Jewish spiritual and secular music as well as the melodies of the authors of classical and modern choral music, offers an immense musical experience with its extensive program. There is always something new, different, challenging, beautiful and interesting taking place. In Hashira you will find wonderful, noble people among whom you will build new friendships.



  What does it mean to be a Hashira choir member?

What does it mean to be a member of the choir Hashira? Above all, to belong to a group of good, noble people who love quality choral music but also like to hang out, travel, celebrate birthdays, births of children, grandchildren, New Years, successful concerts, etc. That means making new, loyal friends. That means traveling at least once a year to one of the prestigious festivals abroad. That means participating in a mission of keeping living memory of innocent Holocaust victims. That means loving people regardless of differences in gender, religion, nationality, age, education, political beliefs. That means putting your voice in the service of magnificent and unique harmony. That means ennobling your life.



  Should I and how to become a singer of the choir Hashira?

Ask yourself four key questions:

Do I have a talent for singing?
Do I have a nice voice?
Do I like to sing?
Do I have the desire and will to learn new songs and share my voice with other singers in the choir?

If the answers to all four questions are yes, you are ready to join one of the choirs. There are about 15 of them in Novi Sad, as small and as large as possible. Which one will you choose? There are many factors. From key ones such as: religious motive, diversity of repertoire, choir composition, having friends among the choristers, etc. to seemingly less important ones: how often they perform, how much they travel, when and how often they rehearse, the distance of the rehearsal site from home etc. All this will more or less influence your choice. Think hard. If you decide for the choir Hashira, you need to contact the conductor Vesna Kesić Krsmanović (tel. 063 85 86 056), or the choir president Mirko Štark (063 54 76 99) or the choir secretary Zvezdana Terzić (063 336 085) with whom you will make appointment for the audition. We hold rehearsals every Monday and Thursday from 8 pm to 10 pm at the Novi Sad’s Jewish Community Club, Jevrejska Street 11 (next to the synagogue). During the audition, the conductor will carefully check your hearing, sense of rhythm, color of voice and will honestly tell you whether your voice can contribute to the quality of our choir. As for the needs of the choir in terms of voices, every singer is precious, but what all choirs lack are tenors, so if that is your voice, the choir Hashira will accept you with open arms.