Mirko Štark graduated from Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade, majoring in Production for Television and Film. He worked as a production manager and producer at the Television Novi Sad (1977–1993); executive producer at Media Lab (1994-1999); the director of production in television and video production company urbaNS (2000–2003). From 2003 to 2018, he was a professor of Production for Audio Visual Media at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad. He retired in 2018. He has been singing in Hashira since 1997 as a bass, and since 2012 he has been the president of the choir.


Zvezdana Terzić grew up in an artistic family. With a beautiful alto voice and rich singing talent, she has been singing in choirs since her school days, mainly in the Cultural and Artistic Association Svetozar Marković in Novi Sad. Since 1990, she has been a permanent choir member of the Novi Sad Serbian National Theater’s Opera. She joined Hashira in 2008 and won numerous awards at competitions. Since 2012, she also performs secretarial and organizational duties with a lot of love and dedication.

Choir secretaries in the past:

◊ Ivan Hajzler

◊ Svetlana Gusman

◊ Maja Gusman

◊ Mirela Vučenov

◊ Olivera Vanđel

◊ Vera Maletić


Vera Maletić is a professor of literature, employed as a lector at the Radio Television Vojvodina – Radio Novi Sad. She has been a singer and one of the pillars of the choir Hashira for many years. Objectively but also with a lot of love, she writes about the concerts and tours of the choir Hashira. Additionally, she writes texts for our concerts with a lot of inspiration. With her expertise in linguistics, she helps establishing correct pronunciation of lyrics in certain difficult songs. She often suggests new quality compositions thus enriching our repertoire. She is writing and editing a choir monograph. Thanks to her, a written trace of our choir remains for future generations.