Hashira likes to perform in front of good people as often as possible.


We will be happy to sing for you and your audience at any occasion, event or gathering that contributes to love, respect and kindness among people as well as to harmony with nature in and around us.


The choir Hashira performs Jewish spiritual and secular, as well as domestic and foreign choral music. Yet we have no genre or time restrictions in our repertoire. We sing in Hebrew, Yiddish, Latino, Serbian, Latin, Spanish, English, Italian, Basque. We can adapt the repertoire to the occasion and needs of the hosts by prior arrangement.



Choir Composition

The choir performs with 25 to 35 singers, depending on the occasion, date, location, availability of the singer as well as the agreement with the host.




Technical requirements

For the stage, we need a piano or an electric piano with sound system, practicables on three levels and a room/hall of acceptable acoustics. In some cases (open spaces or extremely large halls) a sound system for the whole choir could be necessary.




Except for performances in Novi Sad, where we can come by our own transport, we need bus or airplane transport for all other destinations. For performances in places more than 200 km from Novi Sad, we need accommodation, food and mini per diems. The same goes for guest appearances abroad.




At commemorations, religious gatherings, charity events as well as events of public interest, Hashira performs free of charge. The price of a commercial performance is appropriate and formed in agreement with the client. The performance fee is paid to the bank account of the Novi Sad’s Jewish Community and will be used to cover choir’s logistical expenses, the needs of the Jewish community as well as for charitable purposes.




The choir Hashira consists of singers who work for living, have families and perform many other roles in their daily lives. Although we are always happy when given the opportunity to share the joy of singing with our audiences, there is a possibility that due to the different obligations of the members, this will not be possible on some dates. For this reason, please contact us for arrangements regarding the planning of our performances as early as possible before the planned performance date.

CONCERT OF CHOIRS: Kol ha'olam kulo